[SOLVED] Metanarrative Worldview Theology

THEO 201: The Bible has many human authors but one divine Author. The study of theology uncovers and articulates the unity of all the biblical texts taken together. With this in mind, demonstrate the unified nature of the Bible using a narrative/story framework and share the implications of this for your life and vocation. The narrative framework should encapsulate the major movements/framework of the biblical story, demonstrated through interaction with the biblical text. Students should in particular consult the development of this in the online essay “Putting the Bible Together,” and the in-class lectures. A few points of clarification may be helpful: 1. Discuss the major movement of the biblical story, its main character, and its implications for understanding the unity of the biblical books. (See the story models – Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration etc that you may use. Look at “Putting the Bible Together” link in your Blackboard) or click the link belowhttps://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2017/09/08/putting-bible-together/ 2. Reflect on how understanding this story influences how you view your life, calling, and future intended vocation. 3. Be sure to incorporate at least four academic, theological sources (cited according to chosen citation style – both intext and as a Bibliography/Reference page) in your paper using. Academic sources would include textbooks, monographs, or peer-reviewed articles. Avoid using any website/blog material. 4. Be sure to incorporate at least ten relevant biblical references cited briefly internally in parentheses, e.g., (John 1: 14, 18). 5. At least half of your essay must focus on explaining the unity of the biblical books through a narrative framework. The final portion should then seek to apply that teaching/doctrine to the context of your intended vocation. The paper should have an introduction, body (where the content of the paper is developed), and a conclusion and a Bibliography for your sources (You may use APA, MLA, or Turabian) Also give careful attention to the following elements: 6. Grammatical, syntactical, and spelling errors. 7. An appropriate introduction to your topic, and then clear demonstration of the nature and importance of the subject. 8. Clear articulation of your chosen framework by effectively expressing/unpacking and applying it, showing awareness of significant features and biblical bases. 9. Make clear connection of the biblical/doctrinal material to your intended vocation. 10. Include conclusion or summary statement that brings the various elements/points of your essay together. 11. Failure to meet the minimum word count will result in a 20% deduction of the total assignment point value. Exceeding the maximum word count will result in a 10% deduction of the total assignment point value.

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[SOLVED] Metanarrative Worldview Theology
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