[SOLVED] Netflix 13th Century

In this unit, you will address the growing concerns of national inequality. You will explore questions like how did wealth become concentrated in some nations? And how can we address the needs of the world’s population when we live in a world with more than 7 billion people? My experience is that most students come to the course thinking, more or less, that deviance refers to the specific behaviors that everyone knows are wrong. The chapter conveys sociology’s major lesson that deviance is created by society. You will also be introduced to institutionalized inequalities, such as racism, sexism, and ageism, and delve into questions like how do our own prejudices guide our interactions? And how might we overcome our preconceived notions that lead to prejudice? This Unit will have an assignment based on the documentary “13th” . I t is due November 4th. In this 2016 thought-provoking documentary by filmmaker Ava Duvernay, the US prison population and the criminalization of the African American community is put under the microscope as information is presented in the form of historic footage and images, academic research, and interviews with various experts across multiple fields. Assignment must be turned in on mytcc. Assignment due November 4 by 11:59 pm Each question is worth 6 points. 15×5 = 75 1400 words 15 points. Must have 1400 words for the full points. Grammar/spelling 10 points. If you use references make sure that you use citations. Paper will be checked for plagiarism using safe-assign. If you have plagiarized it is an automatic 0

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[SOLVED] Netflix 13th Century
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