[SOLVED] The Canterbury Tales

Textual Analysis Assignment: The Canterbury TalesDirections:The textual analysis asks you to work with Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales and develop a critical argument in which you directly engage the text. You will need to rely on the words of the text to support your argument, and you will need to think about the writing strategies that Chaucer uses. Remember that you are not just summarizing content; you are analyzing structure and technique. Be sure that you have a clear and definable thesis; that you support it with adequate evidence in the form of direct quotations; that you structure your argument effectively and employ transitions; that you consider the needs of your audience, and that you create a title.You do NOT need to do research for this essay, and you should rely on your own thoughts. The question has a creative component, but you must also be sure to present your imaginative response in the frame of a formal analysis of Chaucer’s text.4 pages/1000 words: The critical analysis should be at least 3 pages; The creative response should be at least 1 pageThe Portrayal of Women in the StoriesCRITICAL ANALYSIS: In many of the tales we read, the characters’ stories present telling insights on gender dynamics. In your opinion, what does The Canterbury Tales suggest about the medieval perspective of women? Do you think that the depiction of women is traditional or innovative? Choose ONE or TWO of the following characters to discuss: Hippolyta, Emily (“The Knight’s Tale”); Alison (“The Miller’s Tale); the Queen, the Magical Hag Wife (“The Wife of Bath’s Tale”), or the lost child’s mother (“The Prioress’s Tale).CREATIVE COMPONENT: Apply similar insights about female character: do a dramatic monologue from the perspective of Hippolyta (“The Knight’s Tale”), Alison (“The Miller’s Tale); the Queen or The Magical Hag Wife (“The Wife of Bath’s Tale”), or the lost child’s mother (“The Prioress’s Tale”). Be sure that your narrative shows your knowledge of Chaucer’s characterization.*Note that once this paper is submitted I will likely need revision a day or two later based on feedback. Thanks!

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[SOLVED] The Canterbury Tales
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