[SOLVED] Transformation of Western Legal Philosophy

read the following book first https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=926110097116071000112099113087028092029042041058054022096075006072105099108071094081035042057063112008038075083031127030107107031044060037085068094118122009118123056087053066027094026074124010122016064067071097100071092069089097125084087022083066125&EXT=pdf You rather write a detailed account of the shift in the understanding of the conscious from being component from reason by which we judge our action to being faculty separate from the reason source of knowledge in itself. 1. Describe that shift (action) -intro  paragraph-summarize its own word. If the reason Lutheran reformation-return authority of the bible –that being the case- 2. argue that the shift’s accurate or not,  Do you agree or disagree with the shift -not agree -I agree DO you think Thomas right? Or Luther right?-Luther right Modern Luther view right?-most of them  Luther’s view- faculty separate from the reason. -right? Luther view or St. Thomas view? -Luther view  Hint: do you believed the conscious environmental guide for your action (do you hear your conscious and yes, that what I have to do)environmental God Guide your action?  Luther said yes, why or why not I agreed with Luther or Thomas Two or three reasons. 3. how conscience guide lawmaking law-keeping, and Jurisdiction, decision making Follow their conscience

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[SOLVED] Transformation of Western Legal Philosophy
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