[SOLVED] Abortion as a Legal Issue

Summary of Legal issue (Not biased, broad) Identify your topic Showcase general overview of essay ; what you will be discussing, as well as what you will be avoiding/focusing on Key points (historical) and legal knowledge you will be relying on to showcase both sides Your thesis Identification of Questions and Legal Concepts (Not biased, specific) What does religion have to say about this topic? Morality? Ethics? How does society view it currently? Has it changed from the past? How does culture view it currently? Has it changed from the pasT? How is it showcased/featured in our constitution> Jurisprudence as a whole? How does the international community see it? Preparation of Supported Legal Arguments (Not biased, specific)  Present arguments for BOTH sides (if abortion was my topic, I would present the legal arguments for abortion and against it) Do not rely on emotion and bias here : you are the record of pure facts Note important landmark cases, SCC decisions and laws that tie into your concept  Can divert and include laws from around the world and how they change/alter our understanding of one or both sides

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[SOLVED] Abortion as a Legal Issue
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