[SOLVED] Film Review of Yentl

Students should assess the cinematic portrayal of gender in traditional Jewish society as it is presented in Yentl. Rather than summarizing the movie, students should examine how the social themes related to modern Jewish history and gender identity are conveyed in Yentl, particularly in relation to what we have been learning about and exploring throughout the semester. Students should integrate information from readings and course lectures in informing their analysis. Some questions students may choose to analyze include: What does Yentl get right and wrong in its portrayal of gender norms in traditional Jewish society? How does the story align with your understanding of modern Jewish history and gender? How do the characters in the film represent ideas of gender performances in modern Jewish history, and do they do so successfully? These are only suggestions and each paper should pursue a line of inquiry of most interest to the student. All papers, however, should present a clear argument, use references to course readings and lectures (including proper citations), and demonstrate an informed perspective about the role of gender in modern Jewish life.Film can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/266690743USE CHAPTER 7 OF PETROVSKY READING

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[SOLVED] Film Review of Yentl
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