[SOLVED] Hurricane Katrina 2005

In fewer than 2000 words, write a research narrative that uses MLA citation, formatting and style investigating and exposing the history of a photograph that you will choose from this list in the archives of www.pulitzer.org. You will tell a story with language that the photograph tells with its image(s). You will also cite your the sources you use to inform yourself, and by extension us.Your goals this assignment areto tell a chronological narrative containing a beginning, middle, and an end; and,to show that you have full and complete command of MLA citation (both works cited and in-text) and formatting. When we cite, here’s the rule: You must cite anything that’s not common knowledge, your own original research in the present matter, or noticeable by casual observation.You don’t have to cite: “The earth rotates in such a way as to cause the illusion that the sun rises in the east.” You better be citin’: “The sun is not an object, but an event, which is a continually occurring thermonuclear explosive reaction occurring over several billion years whereby plasma compressed under intense pressure causes hydrogen atoms to fuse, forming helium and also releasing massive amounts of energy in the process.”Write in third person. Do not use first person (“I”) and second person (“you, your”) in this essay.Obviously, MLA format, citation, and style are mandatory.

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[SOLVED] Hurricane Katrina 2005
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