[SOLVED] New York Day Women

Read another short story in Krik? Krak! titled “New York Day Women.” You will compare and contrast this fictional short story, with the first fictional short story you read by Edwidge Danticat,”Children of the Sea.” In your post, consider the following questions about “New York Day Women.” Remember at the end try to include a question to the class that students can only answer by making references to the text.what is the setting for “New York Day Women”: where is the short story taking place, geographically? Use quotes to justify your answer. Who are the main characters? Explain with references tothe text. What is the political, historical and/or economic context of this short story? Justify your answer with evidence from the short story.- who is the narrator in this short story? does this narrator make use of the subject pronoun “you”, who is the narrator addressing, if anyone? Explain with references to the text.- There is physical and emotional distance between two characters in this short story. How is the distance expressed, in reference to physical distance? Refer to the text. How is the emotional distance defined?- are there any symbols or metaphors in “New York Day Women” that relate to a tragic distance, and/or to the impossibility to resolve differences or reconcile loved ones.In your post, explain clearly, what are the similarities and differences between the two short stories, and what do the short stories reveal about.Please use what I have attached I dont exactly have access to the actual pdfs of the stories but this should be good enough. For the pdf of New Work Day Women scroll down to page 7 and from there gain the information on the analysis.

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[SOLVED] New York Day Women
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