[SOLVED] Radical Change

Conduct an analysis on the case study by Plowman et al. Your goal is to apply complexity concepts to the change that takes place.In a short introduction, describe the overall problem/situation and one specific issue or aspects of complexity to be addressed. (1 pt)In the body, complete an analysis of the issue(s) (2.5 pts) ; what is the issue and why is it important (if unresolved how might it harm the company)? Here are some examples; make your own selections:What pressures or conditions prompted change? Describe their effect and response of the church members in dealing with them.What about organizational relationships? Were members harmonious in making decisions? What ethical factors affected relationships? Who had influence? Were members interdependent?Who were the enablers and how did they “enable” change? What actions did they take and what functions enabled them?Who acted in an administrative function, and what actions did they take?In the conclusion, select the most important factor that assisted the church’s effort to adapt. Explain how it contributed to adaptation. (1 pts)Integrate with related readings and coursework; supporting examples are good ways to reinforce your argument.Paper is typed, double-spaced, 12pt. font; minimum of three pages, not more than four pages; this includes references.Do not create a title page; simply place your name, section and date at the top on the first pageProper grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure, as well as APA citations and reference guides must be used (.5 pts).

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[SOLVED] Radical Change
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