[SOLVED] Sperm Count

Topic: Does quality of life affect sperm count?You will write a grant proposal detailing a novel experiment you design for a current issue in biology. 1. Title: Make it catchy so people want to keep reading 2. Introduction (~300 words)  a. What is your topic?  b. Who/what does it effect?  c. Why is it important to study?  3. Previous work (review portion of the paper) (~500 words)  a. This is what you have found in your literature searches.  i. We will require 10 citations at a minimum  b. What is the latest science that we know about this topic?  c. Are there controversies in this topic?  d. What do we still need to learn about this topic?  4. What would you do next? (experimental design portion of the paper) • This is where you propose an experiment to move the science forward, think big! • Money/time is no object.  a. What is your hypothesis? (1-3 sentences)  b. Biological Rationale (1-3 sentences)  i. This is the “why” of your hypothesis. ii. How will what we learn from your proposed experiment change biology?  c. Social Rationale (1-3 sentences)  i. How will what we learn from your proposed experiment change society / the world?  d. General overview of experiment (1-3 sentences for each)  i. What is your research question?  ii. What do you predict will happen?  iii. What is your experimental design?  iv. What are your variables? (independent, dependent, constant)  v. Which are the treatment and control groups?  5. Conclusion (150 words)  a. What did you learn about this topic?  b. What were some limitations of your experiment?  c. Are you confident we can “solve” this issue?

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[SOLVED] Sperm Count
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