[SOLVED] Anna Stubblefield

“The Strange Case of Anna Stubblefield” Write a letter to each of the following: A).  Anna B).  D.J.C).  P. & Wesley D).  Anna’s ex-husband, Roger, and their children The letters should include any thoughts, opinions, advice and questions you feel are appropriate. Flip it. Re-imagine the details of this story. Make Anna “Allen” instead, a black man. Make D.J. “Denise”, a white woman with all of D.J.’s disabilities. How might the story have been different? Cast the film version of this story. Choose an actor to play each of the individuals named in Question 1 and make a brief statement explaining why each actor you choose would be best in their role. Describe a time in your life when you believed something without support from anyone else. Be sure to include details and to describe the outcome. Get to know The Strange Case of Rachel Dolezal. What do Rachel and Anna have in common–and what is different about their stories?*What if the nonbelievers are wrong? Imagine, tomorrow, there is a breakthrough invention of some kind that allows people like D.J. to have a voice that all the experts agree is truly theirown. D.J. says he loves Anna and is devastated that the authorities and his family removed her from his life. Write a letter of apology to him. *Please remember: All quotations used to support your answer to Question 5 should be cited in the body of your answer using the MLA In-text Citation format. SEE MY SAMPLE FORMAT OF THE PROPER WAY TO DO THIS. Also, your paper must include a bibliography citing each supporting text you use, including electronic sources. The bibliography should be in the MLA Works Cited format.Sample Format for Proper In-Text Citations of Electronic SourcesFirst of all, “electronic sources” means online sources. Do not use complete URLs. Only provide partial URLs. For example, use CNN.com or Forbes.com, instead of http://www.cnn.com or http://www.forbes.com.Below is an example of how to use information from a source in the body of your answer.Sample Format for Question #5:Here is just one detail from Rachel Dolezal’s past that literally illustrates how deep her identity crisis is. As an undergrad, “she submitted a painting thesis based on the interior of the black man’s mind” (newyorker.com). This suggests that, as a white woman, Dolezal believed she had special insight into the minds of black men. Would a stable person ever dare to claim such a thing? What Dolezal did in her painting is similar to what Anna Stubblefield believed she was doing with D.J. using Facilitated Communication… Please keep in mind that this is just a sample so you can see how the proper format works:1) you set up the quote, 2) use the quote, 3) put the online source in parentheses, and 4) BUILD YOUR OWN ORIGINAL ANSWER, SUPPORTED BY THE QUOTE. 

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[SOLVED] Anna Stubblefield
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