[SOLVED] Bonnie and Clyde

Cinema Homework AssignmentFilms have various elements that inform the overall meaning or affect beyond the plot or presentation of subject matter. Often films suggest a Theme that surfaces from more than just story line or characterization such as the elements studied in this Module: Photography, Mise En Scene, Movement.Theme is not the subject of the story or the plot, and it is not merely a message or moral, but it is what the filmmakers are attempting to suggest about the subject through the particular treatment and manipulation of all elements, such as the ones in the categories below. The subject of two films may deal with the same subject: love & relationships, but in the one film it may suggest that this is an impossibility, while in the other, it may suggest that love is the only hope, or the greatest thing on earth, etc. Both movies have the same subject, but the treatments suggest different themes. Avoid cliché theme statements such as “Love conquers all”, or “Crime doesn’t pay” and so forth.Directions for filling out the Film Critique:The Film Critique requires you to focus on the specific elements of a the film studied in this Module (Photography, Mise En Scene, Movement) and to discuss them in terms of how effectively they have been used to evoke or underscore a theme that YOU discover in the film. Remember, the theme is elicited through all elements of the film, but you are to focus only on those included in the template. Cite and discuss specific scenes and instances to support and help illustrate your view on how well the specific film elements bring out the overall theme of the movie.The brief (very) plot outline is to help you in recognizing a theme—Once you have determined a theme, rate the effective use of each particular element,( ie, Photography, etc.), from 1 to 4 Stars, add up the total stars and divide by the 4 categories to determine a “Star Rating”.Write your critique in the textbox in the Canvas assignment–NOT on the TemplateApprox. 600 words.

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[SOLVED] Bonnie and Clyde
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