[SOLVED] Christianity & Buddhism

Research Paper: 50 %The research paper will be a 2000-word essay about a world religion.This research paper on a world religion will consider the similarities between Christianity and another world religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam. It will seek to answer the question of whether the similarities are significant or not. The essay will include a biography of the person who started the religion, an overview of their teachings, how those teachings are similar to and different from Christianity, and an explanation of the significance of those differences and similarities.The essay should contain at least one resource per page. Online resources are allowed but should be balanced with hard copy sources.(Professor’s reminder, “Make sure you do exactly what the syllabus asks for. Make sure over half your sources are hard copy. Sure you have at least one source per page. Usually when something is missing is when grades get docked. I mean I can’t promise any grade in particular but that’s the best thing to do.”Hard copy just means like books in general. If you find books online that’s okay. But just simply citing website information isn’t enough. And there is a third book on the syllabus called Encountering World Religions. That would be a good one to cite, especially if you choose a religion that’s mentioned in there.)Required Texts and Materials:Chatraw, Joshua D., and Karen Swallow Prior. (2019) Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Academic.Niebuhr, H. Richard. (2001). Christ and Culture. New York: Harper and Row.Hexam, Irving. (2019) Encountering World Religions: A Christian Introduction. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Academic.(Please using these three materials as required by the course, which must cite in the paper. Moreover, we still need to use other hard sources in the research paper)

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[SOLVED] Christianity & Buddhism
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