[SOLVED] Criminal Justice Reform

criminal justice reform has been a hot topic nationally and in Texas for several years, as you are learning. Disparities in sentencing, and overcrowded and violent jails and prisons prompted reforms here in Texas in the early 2000s. Recently, however, bail procedures, death penalty laws, and drug policies have placed criminal justice reform back on Texas’s policy agenda. For more information about the backdrop of criminal justice reform generally, please review:https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/research-reports/criminal-justice-reform-state-level(Links to an external site.)Among the topics covered in the Brennan Center report, you learn that prosecutors enjoy considerable discretion over criminal cases. What do you know about the role of prosecutors? What assumptions do you have about them?Watch this TED Talk presented by prosecutor, Adam Foss. Jot down a few notes and consider the importance of the prosecutor in the criminal justice system.Adam Foss: A prosecutor’s vision for a better justice systemhttp://www.ted.com/talks/adam_foss_a_prosecutor_s_vision_for_a_better_justice_system (Links to an external site.)After listening to this TED Talk and considering the Brennan Center and textbook information, you will prepare an essay in which you:Describe the general theme of criminal justice reform, as explained in your textbook, the Brennan Center, and Adam Foss’s TED Talk. Why do you think criminal justice reform continues to be part of the public policy agenda in Texas? Identify and describe three distinct significant points about criminal justice reform that resonate with you. Why do you find them important?Discuss how you believe elected officials in Texas can address each point of significance you identified.What role, if any, can you play in criminal justice reform, say as in the selection of prosecutors in your community?

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[SOLVED] Criminal Justice Reform
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