[SOLVED] Dubai (International Marketing)

International Marketing Project All students will be required to do a project relating to a country-wide survey of one of the listed countries below. You will make your own selection and no two students will do the same country. This paper will require some library research to enrich your literature. Countries: ? Dubai ? South Africa ? India ? Vietnam ? Indonesia ? Brazil ? Denmark ? Turkey ? Colombia **No two students can select the same country. The APA citation style is recommended. The format is Times New Roman, 12pt Double Space. Currency of documentation will improve the quality of your research paper. Tips 1. Background of the country selected ? Location ? Population ? Geography 2. Forms of government ? Democracy ? Communism ? Socialism ? Islamic ? Totalitarianism 3. Levels of economic development ? Economic/Trade analysis ? Products 1. Agricultural 2. Industrial ? Infrastructure 1. Postal Services 2. Communications 3. Roads 4. Schools 5. Hospitals 6. Police ? Trade Analysis 1. Trade alliances 2. Memberships, Partners 3. Import/Export activities ? Primary Products 1. Rate of growth 2. Exchange rates 3. GNP 4. FDI ? Barriers to trade 1. Language/Translations 4. Political and Legal Systems ? Political stability ? Freedom of speech – political risks ? Party of affiliation 5. Legal Systems ? Transparency ? Commercial laws ? Law enforcement ? Common law, Civil law, Islamic, Socialist 6. Diversity ? Ethnic groups ? Tribal distribution These are some valuable tips but are not limited to the above. The use of creativity is encouraged.

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[SOLVED] Dubai (International Marketing)
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