[SOLVED] Fandango Participatory Analysis

For this short written assignment, look at the discussions about participatory music, son jarocho, and the fandango. Respond to the following questions in paragraph from:What is participatory music? Begin with Turino’s or your summary definition.What is son jarocho and what is the fandango? (include origins, instruments, and dance). Briefly introduce son jarocho and then explain what the fandango is in relationship to the musical genre.How is the fandango a participatory music? Use the fandango chart to help you parse through the different characteristics that are apparent in a fandango celebrationWhat are some goals of participatory music? What do you think the goal of a fandango would be?Requirements:1-2 typed pages double spaced, 12-point fontlabel eachanswer 1, 2, 3, and 4 according to the questions above.include heading at the top with name, assignment and datecite any outside sources using Chicago style citationsSeparate Assigment DBThere are two forms of bhangra that we encounter in this lesson. There is the festival harvest dance that comes from the Punjabi region between India and Pakistan. The other “new” or diasporic bhangra comes from the Punjabi diaspora in the U.S., UK, and Canada.What are the major differences and similarities between these types of bhangra? List 2 similarities and 2 differences.Consider the following when think of the similarities and differences:What instruments are used in each (dhol drum, algoza flute, chimta)? Is there use of produced sound (samples or electronic music)?Who dances the dance? (Men only, men and women together?)Where and when is the dance performed according the readings? (is one bhangra performed in different social spaces? if so, where?)Costume and dress: is there a traditional way of dressing? Does this change in the diaspora?

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[SOLVED] Fandango Participatory Analysis
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