[SOLVED] Globalization Before 1775

It is never too early to talk about globalization in history. From archaic times onward, the globe has been constantly shrinking and coming together through a variety of human interactions. Whether peaceful or violent, vast regions of the world developed lasting connections that still continue to operate to this day. Choose a region of the earth before the year 1775 and argue what characteristics make it a prime example of globalization. Regions are flexible and do not even need to be land. You may choose a region united by a body of water and its hinterlands such as the Trans-Atlantic Region, The Indian Ocean, The Mediterranean Sea, The Baltic Sea, etc. Or you may wish to define your region based on strongly connected trade such as the Silk Road, The Triangular Trade Network or Trans-Saharan gold routes. You may also stick to more traditional ideas of regions such as Eurasia, the Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, etc. Regions are so flexible that you may conversely wish to define your own region and discuss networks of globalization within that space.In this essay, it is also necessary to incorporate one piece of scholarly evidence outside of your textbook. Examples of such can be found using keyword searches for your topics on JSTOR or Project Muse.https://muse.jhu.edu/(Links to an external site.)https://www.jstor.org/(Links to an external site.)Remember that this is an argumentative essay and all of the following structural and analytical criteria apply:Essay Structure and Written CommunicationThe essay must include an interesting and concise introductory paragraph (Between 5-8 sentences.)The introductory paragraph must end with a thesis statement: a single sentence which precisely articulates the argument.All body paragraphs must be a sub-argument of the thesis and must stay on topic in relation to the thesis.All body paragraphs must contain a topic sentence at the beginning and a concluding sentence at the end.All body paragraphs contain well- organized evidence and analysis that never stray from the thesis or sub-argument of the paragraph.Critical ThinkingThe essay must demonstrate an understanding of the events, people, and/or ideas discussed in the paper in their correct historical context.Students will only select evidence that best proves their argument.Students will not narrate events. They will synthesize pertinent points and explain how they connect to the main arguments.Writers will go beyond presentation of evidence in a narrative way to draw conclusions that are not immediately obvious.The writer not only mentions specific dates, places and people, but connects them to their thesis.Accuracy/ValidityHistorically accurate evidence and analysisA mixture of BOTH primary and secondary sourcesAll evidence is properly cited using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)Students will write a paper that demonstrates the ability to use English for written expression at the college levelPaper is understandable with little grammatical or stylistic mistakesThe word count is at least 1200 words

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[SOLVED] Globalization Before 1775
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