[SOLVED] Job Satisfaction

Meet Jamie!Salary: $50,000 (10% above current market rate for his job)Jamie has been promoted 3 times in the last two years and each time the promotion came after Jamie demonstrated a unique skill or ability on a project.Jamie is best friends with his boss. In fact, he sees her as a true mentor to her in the organization. However, this has seemed to make his coworkers jealous of him combined with the fact that he has received so many promotions.At his job, the higher in the company he rises, the greater power he has over the organizational goals and direction. However, he is getting away from why he truly entered this field and he worries that the higher in the organization he rises, the less secure he will be in his job.Step 1: Analyze Jamie’s job satisfaction using the Value-Percept theory by looking at each individual component EXCEPT for satisfaction with the work itself.For each part of formula, you should write out a number from 1-10 for Value(want) and Value(need) and rank each value from 1-5 (1 = least important, 5 = most important).Show the calculation that you made for each part of the formula.Write a sentence justifying each part of the formula. For example, for coworker satisfaction, briefly describe why you chose each of the numbers.Note: There is not “one right answer” for the actual numbers chosen as long as you can describe why you chose those numbers using what you learned in Value-Percept theory.Step 2: Pretend that Jamie has been promoted to CEO of the company. Analyze Jamie’s satisfaction with the work itself using Job Characteristics Theory.Use the SPS formula from the PowerPoint slides and input numbers. Write a sentence explaining why you think Jamie is higher or lower on each component of the job characteristics theory.Note: Again, there is not “one right answer” for the actual numbers as long as you can describe why you chose those numbers using what you learned in the job characteristics theory.

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[SOLVED] Job Satisfaction
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