[SOLVED] Juvenile Crime Prevention

Wk 2 – Juvenile Crime Prevention Report [due Mon]Wk 2 – Juvenile Crime Prevention Report [due Mon]Assignment ContentScenario: You work for a community agency that serves juveniles involved with the justice system. You have been tasked with creating a report to share with your community that will build awareness about local juvenile crime and prevention programs.Write a report that consists of the two parts below:Part 1: Data VisualizationResearch statistics on populations of juvenile delinquents using the Easy Access to Juvenile Populations (EZAPOP) data tool from the National Center for Juvenile Justice. Choose 1 of the following options to investigateHow the totals of one year compare to the totals of another year in your stateHow your county’s totals compare to your state’s totalsHow your state’s totals compare to another state’s totalsHow one of the sexes, races, or ethnicity groups compares to another demographic in your areaHow one age demographic compares to another in your stateCreate a visual representation of the data that shows a comparison of both groups, such as a chart, graphic image, diagram, or infographic. Do not use a table; select a visually appealing layout that your community would find easy to read and understand.Create an image for your data visualization using an illustration tool in Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint® or use an online drawing tool such as Piktochart® or Smore®.Part 2: Executive SummaryWrite an executive summary of your findings in 250 to 525 words. In your summary, ensure you:Explain the data shown in your image. Summarize what the difference in the numbers means for juvenile crime in your area.Identify at least 2 diversion, intervention, or prevention programs available to juveniles in your schools or community that might help to influence future trends in the data shown in your image from Part 1. Include commentary on the efficacy of the different types of programs in your state.Describe strategies that families, schools, communities, or law enforcement can use to interact with these youth and help to reduce their risk for delinquency.

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[SOLVED] Juvenile Crime Prevention
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