[SOLVED] Public Health Campaign

Public Health Campaign Assignmentselect, research, and develop a public health campaign. The focus of the campaign must be a current nutrition-related issue concerning public health. The campaign will consist of:Identify problem for focus of campaign – be specific and narrow down to a topic within a larger overall issue.Identify replacement behaviors.Determine the demographic – consider who is affected by this health concern and to whom the campaign needs to be aimed – the target demographic.Develop your idea to address this topic and how best to educate the target demographic and develop specific, targeted messages. Be sure to use language the target demographic can relate to and understand.Research any existing or past campaigns or projects on this topic at both private and governmental levels.Research your topic for background, statistics, and effectiveness of previous interventions. Provide evidence-based research.Determine what other groups, organizations, and/or public agencies are to be utilized or involved or used as possible sources of funding. Determine if this campaign will be cost effective and what might be avenues of funding.Include a ‘call to action’ in your plan. Relay what your audience should do with the information you provide and how should they implement it into their lives.Create a marketing plan. Include 2-3 of the following types of media to be used to convey message. Develop electronic files for materials to use to execute your campaign. These might include booklets, pamphlets, flyers, social media posts, website/website posts, PowerPoint for workshops, and other avenues to get your message to the target demographic.Create a 10-minute presentation that is aimed at your target demographic using one or more of your media elements to be given via Zoom.Statement of all work in a summary document. Only 1 document should be created for each group with each group member contributing their work to that document and should include a list of all references used.

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[SOLVED] Public Health Campaign
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