[SOLVED] Science and Music

Can’t use no outside resource, just everything from the document that I attached, and when you answer each question make sure every question is half a page. It all should add up into two full pages. Thank YouSince this is a short assignment period, I am attaching one piece for you to read. This paper is from my current research on science and music. I delivered this paper at a symbolic interactionist conference in Topola, Bulgaria in 2016, and it was published last year. What a beautiful place! … high over the Black Sea and waving fields of sunflowers–their main crop. In any event, I want you to read the entire paper, and do not get thrown by some of the big words. Here are your four questions. Your answers should be 2 full pages. I expect to see perfect writing.(1) What is translational science? What are the three cultural features in the CTSA that translational science has changed and how ? (1/2 page)(2) What are the six ways translational scientists use music to help achieve a sense of balanced self? Does this theory make sense to you? How? (1/2 page)(3) How are you like the translational scientists in your music experiences and how are you different? How does music relate to the rest of our everyday life? (1/2 page)(4) What realm of culture/society (e.g., work or play) would you like to explore in a similar way to see the role music plays in it and for its participants? Be creative! (1/2 page)

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[SOLVED] Science and Music
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