[SOLVED] Sexual Ethics

Post to your eJournal your answers to the following questions. Assume your reader has never heard any of this. These questions are taken from the end of the chapter, “Sexual Ethics,” Readings for A-Level.1. Imagine you were visited by an alien. The alien says “I’ve heard lot about ‘having sex’. What do you humans mean by this?” How would you respond?2. Do you think that sex is a moral issue? If so, what sorts of questions should moral philosophers consider in this area?3. Would the NLT think that using ear plugs or riding a bike were wrong? After all, they seem to frustrate the natural faculties of the ears and the legs.4. Could you be an atheist and be a NLT?5. In some countries same sex marriage is permissible. Do you think that in these countries Kant would say that homosexual sex is morally acceptable?6. Why does Kant think having multiple wives or husbands is morally wrong?7. Would you count Mill as a sexual optimist or pessimist?8. Is homosexual sex unnatural? (Refer to the John Corvino video before answering). State your reasons for your view.8. For Utilitarianism could bestiality be morally acceptable?9. What might Rule Utilitarianism (Chapter 1) say about some of these issues, e.g. whether adultery is morally right or wrong?10. How might Mill’s distinction between higher and lower pleasures be relevant in this context?11. What virtues and vices might be associated with sex?Reading for your reviewRead Chapter 10 “Sexual Ethics” in Ethics for A-Level. Ethics for A-Level. – Alternative FormatsOptional: ” Sex” Sex” – Alternative Formatfrom Moral Issues that Divide Us, by James Fieser.Retrieved from: https://www.utm.edu/staff/jfieser/class/160/2-sex.htm

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[SOLVED] Sexual Ethics
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