[SOLVED] Social Media and Nurses

The purpose of this assignment (4-6 pages exclusive of references and title page, double spaced) is to assist students to develop meaningful opinions on nursing and related issues. Select one topic below (or choose a different one with faculty assistance). Provide the “pros and cons” of the issues involved. Do not simply write about the issue—you need to reflect on your opinions and conclusions. Address each of the following:Introduce issue Abstract & Key Words A concise summary of your issue, usually 150-250 words. Identify 4-5 Keywords2. Background: Provide information that readers need to know to understand your point of view.Clearly explain the issue your scholarly paper will address.3. Interpret the information that you’ve provided and define terms for readers who may be unfamiliar with issue. Why does this exist? Is it a problem that is current or is this a long standing problem? 4. Give the rationale (with evidence from the scholarly literature) for your position. Review the literature for your topic to validate your topic. Each student is responsible for 4 articles regarding the professional topic. Review the articles and summarize your findings.5. Pros and cons (in other words, show your knowledge about all aspects of the issue)This is the body of the paper. There should be a series of paragraphs that support your professional issue, this sends out a clear statement about your position on the issue at hand. Why is this issue important to nursing? How will this issue make a difference in professionalism? Support your statements.6. Conclusion: Summarize important points.Conclude your major points in one paragraph. It should not be a mere repetition of previously states facts. Instead, write down remedies and recommendations that can help counter the issue.

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[SOLVED] Social Media and Nurses
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