[SOLVED] The Dawn of Humanity

Watch the following documentary: The Dawn of Humanity.After watching the documentary write a 750-word essay. Your essay should summarize and critically analyze the content of the documentary. Your essay should consist of two parts: a summary of the documentary (approximately 250 words) and a critical analysis / review of the documentary (approximately 500 words). By critical analysis I mean compare the content of the video with content in your textbook and make an argument about the accuracy of the film. Use the questions that follow these instructions to write this analytical part of essay. Cite the textbook in a bibliography separate page. Use Chicago Style; a guide for this is found in files here on canvas. Avoid the use of first person in your essay. (30 points)1. What are hominins?2. What features characterize Australopithecines, like “Lucy”? and when do they appear?3. What features characterize the genus Homo? And when does Homo first appear.4. Describe the Malapa Cave site. Include: it’s location, date, and site formation.5. What features of the Malapa Cave finds (Autralopithecus sediba) areaustralopith-like, and what features are homo-like?

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[SOLVED] The Dawn of Humanity
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