[SOLVED] The Law of 3D printing

HW #7 – “The Law and 3D Printing”Pages 52-66 NOTE: only pages 52-59 are the actual article. The rest is bibliographical information. Read the article and skim the bibliography.Each response should be the equivalent of 25% of a single-spaced typed page.What are NASA and the military doing with 3D printing technology? What are the advantages for these institutions in using this type of technology rather than conventional means of production?It seems as though the technology comes before the regulation of the technology. (I’m speaking in general terms, not just 3D printing.) Why do you think this is? Why don’t we anticipate the legal aspects of these new technologies?According to the author (Tran), what is the purpose of his creating a bibliography focused on 3D printing?What is “bioprinting” and what potential applications could be derived from it? What might the future look like when bioprinting becomes common?Tran coined the term “cloneprinting.” What is it and what might be the ethical consequences of such a development?How does 3D printing overlap with the First and Second Amendments?SLIGHTLY OFF-TOPIC: Read part 3 of Tran’s article. This section explains how Tran gathered his research. Note the successes and the failures he experienced while trying to search for what he wanted. How does this parallel with your own experiences of conducting research?

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[SOLVED] The Law of 3D printing
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