[SOLVED] A Long Walk

Let’s say there is to be a long walk from Phoenix, Arizona, to the beach in Malibu, California. Interstate Highway 10 will be completely closed for the walk, and, going on that highway, the distance is 407 miles.You are in good health, you are 5’ 10,” and you weigh 69.9 kilograms (154 pounds).You are to travel on foot the entire time and everything you wear, eat, drink, or use for any purpose must be carried with you from the start.No one can provide you with anything along the way, and you cannot use a trailer or any device other than a pack for carrying supplies.The high temperature each day will be 85 degrees F and overnight lows drop to 45 degrees F.It will always be clear weather — no chance of rain, nor the sun being blocked by clouds; there will be no trees or buildings to be under or in during rest times.The questions to be answered are the following –Exactly what and how much would you wear and carry with you? Include shelter, clothing, food, and drink (consider body size stated above, not your current size)If you don’t make it to your destination, how far would you get when you have depleted all supplies and dropped your body mass by 6.5%, to 65.4 kg (144 pounds)?Address such things as speed of travel, which hours traveled out of each 24, rest time, etc.Where possible, justify your answers by referring to the research studies you find. The idea here is to be simple and practical with how the preparation is designed and conduction of the walk is carried out. Your 5-6 page paper should be written following current APA style guidelines.Competencies:2. Discuss and apply the physiological principles of exercise including the functions of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, neuromuscular, and neuro-endocrine systems; energy expenditure and bioenergetics; and body composition.4. Access high quality literature, integrate best research with clinical expertise and client values for optimum care, and participate in meaningful learning and research activities.Learning Objective:1. Using your knowledge of the physiology of exercise, create a plan for a 400 mile walk, including what you would wear, eat, drink, and carry with you.

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[SOLVED] A Long Walk
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