[SOLVED] Biomechanical Peer Review Article

Question 1Individuals who live at high altitude for a lifetime have an increased oxygen carrying capacity of their blood (due to the effects of reduced PaO2 on erythropoiesis resulting in polycythemia). However, what may be the consequences of living at high altitudes on the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems? Briefly describe the underlying pathophysiology.Question 2Based on your understanding of the physiological determinants of VO2 peak, discuss the following excerpt by physiologist Dr. Noakes’ alternative paradigm: “Endurance performance is limited by “muscle factors.” The best distance runners have muscle characteristics that allow them to achieve higher running speeds, and since running speed is linearly related to oxygen uptake, an indirect consequence of this is that they will have higher VO2max values.” Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Noakes’ alternative paradigm? Be sure to use peer reviewed research in your argument.

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[SOLVED] Biomechanical Peer Review Article
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