[SOLVED] Environmental Health

In this reflective writing , please respond in a way you agree or disagree/basic thoughts and used examples in our day to day activities to respond to this reflective writingU can cite the source but is not recommended. If you do please ; APA format and alphabetical order pleaseReflective writing about Environmental health has always been a concern of medical professionals and science based minds, but the application of the discipline has evolved and is now more easily understood. With advancement in detection and increased knowledge of cause and effect in infectious disease and variable health conditions, the role of environmental exposures and prevention has become more widely sought after. “Improved analytic capabilities, enhanced computer modeling, molecular toxicology, and the unraveling of the human genome are dramatically changing our understanding of the basic science underlying the pathogenesis and prevention of disease“ (Gochfeld and Goldstein, 1999, para 2). Environmental health requires research and continuous improvement in understand. ”Traditional subjects in environmental health or environmental medicine include air and water pollution, food quality, solid and hazardous waste, environmental toxicology and pesticides, radiation, noise, environmental law, and occupational health. More recent texts include at least some of the following: risk assessment, exposure assessment, radiation, understanding causation, susceptibility of special groups, and global environmental quality (Gochfeld and Goldstein, 1999, para 10). Continuing to evaluate the contribution of these different factors to current health concerns is necessary for the advancement of the discipline.As a health provider, preventing illness is at the forefront of concentration. Knowing what is causing a particular set of issues in health and trying to direct patients to avoid factors that play a starring role in cause and effect is a major motivator of big health companies as well as small medical clinics. It is important to find an understanding and approach to these difference exposures and encourage their avoidance when possible.References:Gochfeld, M., Goldstein, B. (1999). Lessons in Environmental Health in the Twentieth Century. Annual Review of Public Health. 20:35-53. Retrieved from https://www.annualreviews.org/doi/full/10.1146/annurev.publhealth.20.1.35

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[SOLVED] Environmental Health
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