[SOLVED] Leadership Improvement Plan

Boeing has been the subject of current events surrounding safety concerns. These concerns have tested organizational leadership at a multitude of levels. Using the article provided in this week’s readings and additional research conducted on your own, create a cohesive plan to help improve organizational leadership at all levels in the wake of such a situation. Determine how leaders can correct information that communicates a culture that doesn’t value people’s experience, knowledge, common sense, and feedback. Remember to support your statements with relevant theory.Be sure to include the following in your plan:1. Analyze the current state of Boeing and cite specific examples to support your analysis.2. Explain how a leader’s actions have affected the situation.3. Assess the organization as a whole and then formulate a plan for improvement.4. Determine what, if anything, you would change. Be as specific as possible.5. Explain how you would handle the situation differently.6. Address these criteria by including a chart of short-term and long-term improvement goals Boeing leadership could implement. You may add this as an appendix or within your content.Here’s one source to use. https://www.ehstoday.com/safety-technology/article/21920250/boeings-leadership-is-at-the-root-cause-of-its-safety-failures

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[SOLVED] Leadership Improvement Plan
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