[SOLVED] Medication Administration

A 59-year-old man has been admitted. He has a 90-minute history of severe crushing chest pain. Received nitroglycercin 1 tablet sublingual stat, nitroglycercin patch to upper extremities every six hours, morphine sulfate 2 mg IV. Timpotic eye drops OU bid. Digoxin 0.25 mg po stat.1. How should the nurse safely administer transdermal or topical medications?2. List four principles for administering eye instillations.3. Identify four sites for subcutaneous injections.4. Identify three sites for Intramuscular injection sites.5. Explain the purpose for receiving Morphine Sulfate IV.Conversions:A. gr 1/2 = ___ mgB. 2 teaspoons = mLC. 6 ounces____=mL50 mL NS with antibiotic IV to infuse in 20 minutes. The drop factor is 20 gtt/mL. Flow rate: ______ gtt/min

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[SOLVED] Medication Administration
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