[SOLVED] Parental Abandonment

Description of the Issue (including statistics related to teens and the issue)• Define the issue (i.e., what is cutting)• What are the causes behind this issue? (i.e., why do adolescents cut?)• How prevalent is this issue among adolescents? (i.e., How many students cut?Is this behavior increasing or decreasing among adolescents?)• Whom is this issue affecting (i.e., early, middle, late adolescents; girls, boys, orboth)?• Provide statistics to support your claims (not just one source). Make sure thestatistics are not too older. You will likely want to compare statistics (i.e., statsfrom 2000 compared with stats from 2007). Be careful that your statistics can begeneralized to a majority of adolescents (i.e., findings from a study amongKorean American teens cannot necessarily be generalized to African Americanteens or all teens in American).• Length: 2-3pagesGeneral Revelation Discovery• How do psychology and other disciplines (i.e., developmental theory andsociology) suggest we address this issue? If something is in disagreement toyour Christian world view make sure you highlight this and explain why.• Length: 2-3 pagesBiblical and Theological Reflection on the Issue• What does the Bible say about this issue or about the causes of this issue?What instructions does the Bible provide that would help us address this issue?• How does our understandingof theology influence how we view this issue andaddress this issue (i.e., God’s laws are given for our protection and/or ourprovision; sin causes isolation which leads to loneliness)?• Length: 2-3 pages•Practical ReflectionExplain practical actions steps for student workers that would express concern andextend care to teens experiencing the issue• Based on the previous two sections above, what practical steps should weimplement to care for teens who are experiencing this issue (be specific)?• Imagine you are giving a seminar to your volunteers or other youth workers.What should they do when faced with your issue?• Length: 3-4 pagesResources for Student WorkersList resources a student worker should consult when learning about this issue or tryingto help a teen who is facing the issue.• Provide a list of 6-8 resources that a student worker should consult whenlearning about this issue.• Length: 1 page (this page is not included in the 2500-3000 words)Other Requirements• Bibliography – minimum of 6 scholarly, non-internet sources• Minimum of 2500 words (not including the list of resources)• Turabian format with footnotes• 12 point font

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[SOLVED] Parental Abandonment
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