[SOLVED] Sociology Theory

Sociology allows an analysis of our lived experience. So by completing this writing assignment, you should be able to provide a deeper analytical connection between social theory and your own experience. In particular, this writing assignment gives you a chance to apply social and sociological theories by selecting one substantive topic related to your life and engaging with two major social theorists (see options below) and with at least two outside academic sources (that is, scholarly journals or book chapters explaining new research findings, not including assigned course readings). Textbooks, encyclopedia, internet sources, newspaper articles, and magazine sources will not be accepted. Select ONE THEORIST from List #1 and ONE THEORIST/THEORY from List #2 for your report:List #1 (select one)    WeberGoffmanGarfinkelFoucault               comparingList #2 (select one theorist/theory)Marx or Marxism (such A. Davis, G. Butterfield, or J. M. Sison)Marxist feminism     Radical feminismFeminism of color (such as A Davis, C. Moraga, or E. Martinez)Feminist sociology (such as D. Smith or R. Connell)Racial and global justice theories (such as E. Bonilla-Silva, J. M. Sison, or R. Connell)Your doubled-spaced, single-sided, 6-8 pages analysis should present a concise, coherent argument (thesis) and should explicitly compare and contrast how each theorist would account for the social aspects of your own everyday life, particularly for about one continuous hour in your life.In your analysis, make sure to state key concepts of the theorists. As with any formal analytical report, it must include a bibliography and inter-textual citations. Properly cite your sources using American Sociological Assc. (ASA) style guidelines. (Non-sociology majors may use APA style guideline.)

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[SOLVED] Sociology Theory
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