[SOLVED] Speech and Public Speaking

Write in short-essay format.  Use complete sentences.  Each answer should be about one paragraph long, and both define the prompt as well as provide an example.  Plagiarized or vague, incomplete answers will be rejected.  Paraphrase responses in your own words.  Answer all parts of the question.  Explain the difference between a general speech purpose and a specific purpose and give an example of each. How can a public speaker use each of these to minimize public speaking anxiety?  Prepare and practice, modify thoughts and attitudes, visualize success, relaxation response, and movement. Define communication ethics.  Chose 4 of the following and explain how they influence a speaker’s communication ethics:  competence and character, respect your listeners, avoid ethnocentrism and stereotyping, be trustworthy, avoid plagiarism. Define audience analysis. Explain how 4 of the various demographic factors could affect topic choice or listener’s feelings:  age, ethnic or cultural background, socioeconomic status, religion, political affiliation, gender, group affiliation, or disability. Choose a sample speech topic. Show how you would use each one of the 5 forms of support for that topic:  example, story, testimony, facts, statistics. Define each of the 5 organizational arrangements and give a sample speech topic: chronological, spatial, cause-effect, problem-solution, topical. 

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[SOLVED] Speech and Public Speaking
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