[SOLVED] The Stranger

Write a short essay (approximately 3 pages) that answers one of the following prompts:Write an essay that uses a particular literary theory (Feminist, Marxist, Psychoanalytical, Archetypal, Postcolonial, New Criticism or Historicism) to develop a thesis about Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger. For example, you could look at the novel through a Marxist lens, or a feminist lens. Use the guiding discussion questions in the week 11 module to guide your essay.Elements of your essay:Introductory paragraph: Interest the reader in your essay through your title and your opening sentences. Introduce the reader to your chosen text, relevant background information, and end the introduction with a thesis statement that addresses your chosen prompt.Developmental paragraphs: Write clear topic sentences that announce the focus of the paragraph. Include analysis supported by important details from the text to support your ideas.Concluding paragraph:Emphasize the point you want your audience to take away from your essay. Introduce something further for the reader to consider (reflection). Consider tying back to the introduction hook. Concision: Write strong sentences and paragraphs that express their ideas without being wordy or repetitive.Clarity: Use the most exact word choices to express your ideas.*Extra credit – for 5 points extra credit, use a semicolon and a colon correctly!Understanding your Audience:Write for an academic but uninformed audience. Since the audience is academic, they have certain expectations (see above). Assume the audience is not very familiar with your text. Clearly identify the author and work that you are analyzing. Although you should not simply write a plot summary, you should summarize key elements before commenting on them.I do not care which “literary lense” you choose. Just stick to one Literary lense throughout the whole paper please.

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[SOLVED] The Stranger
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