[SOLVED] Trustegic Consulting

Consulting company is called “Trustegic Consulting”AMC THEATERSHistoryTimeline available in amctheathers.comNote- We don’t have to list all of the years but maybe take only the notable onesAre they the longest-running theatre?EnvironmentHow is AMC’s environment unique?How can AMC best cope with their current environment?Effects of Covid 19 PandemicHow was AMC affected?What are their current limitationsWas their pricing on tickets affected? If so, how?Will there be any new implementations on how they provide their services?You are now corporate consultants, preparing a brief of recommendations for your target company ( AMC Theaters). You must develop and present an innovative strategic business plan that addresses current operations, the primary focus of the report should be your creative, forward-thinking strategic recommendations for the firm. These recommendations must include concrete plans for surmounting at least 2 distinct challenges that the firm currently faces, or will likely soon face. These challenges should encompass a wide enough scope that they provide ample opportunity for making recommendations throughout the paper. You may draw upon multiple sources of information- internet investigation, personal experience, interviews with employees of the company- when researching the firm, its competition, the environment in which it competes, etc. but the recommendations that you provide should be your own.Throughout the paper, you should concentrate on making recommendations that will help the company surmount the challenges it faces. I am far less interested in knowing where the company has been than knowing where the company is going and how it can best secure its market position. Give just enough background information to explain the basis of the recommendations that you are suggesting; this means that your report should contain very little discussion of the company history, as the client is already fully aware of its past. Remember that, as consultants, your tasks are to provide what the company expects-answers for the future, not descriptions of its past.Your final report must be single-spaced with one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font. Your writing must be in prose form (i.e. no bullet points, note, etc.) and must be clear, concise, formal professional, and free of any trace of plagiarism.

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[SOLVED] Trustegic Consulting
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