[SOLVED] Underage Drinking in Canada

Getting Started and focusing on a Research Question (anything but sex and drugs, please)(CREATE A QUESTION) SEE MY IDEA BELOW.Begin by identifying an activity or status that is or has been limited, controlled or enabled legally in Canada. This social phenomenon might be as mundane as paying tax or as volatile as possessing radioactive materials. (The moral status of the activity might motivate your inquiry, but you’re not trying to determine whether or not the law is fair, equal, or just.)Part of the preliminary inquiry will involve finding out what legal instrument is on the books. How is the activity defined in Canada’s codes? What punishments come along with an infraction? You might want to look at how compliance is accomplished as well.Crucially, the economic and social conditions during an episode when the law underwent a change (new legislation adopted, old laws struck down) will require the most research.Who were the important people or organizations who made changing this law their life?Writing the PaperYou’re trying to tell a sociological story in your essay, something that might be reduced to: Why did the legal status of this activity change when it did?There might be two or three major contributions you decide to focus on. Debate in parliament, major or minor media events which contributed to an awareness of this phenomena, court cases and the emergence of organizations devoted to change can all provide context.Each story will be different when it comes to the crusaders (check with Becker for that term), but will be similar in trying to identify the social forces at work. Do your best to document these contributions with sources. You may use MLA or APA format. If you have the resources, have someone read your paper to see where it might need a bit of additional evidence!Use different sources to prove what you’re saying. They do not all need to be academic.MY IDEAUnderage drinking in Canada (legal age is 18+)Back in the day, it wasn’t really a concern.When did it become a concern/problematic?What was happening when the law was brought into place?Who was the most important pusher? (people or person who really wanted to put law in place)

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[SOLVED] Underage Drinking in Canada
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