[SOLVED] Arab Upspring

The uprisings in individual Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa have had the same causes but ended with significant variation in outcomes. Tunisia transitioned to a democratic rule and representative government; Egypt reverted to an authoritarian rule (arguably even worse than Mubarak’s); while Libya and Yemen , both disintegrated with subsequent civil war in each. What explains this variation in transitional outcomes across four different cases? Identify and discuss ONE factor (cultural, economic, political, geographic) that EXPLAINS the variation of outcome in ALL FOUR cases. You should justify your selection of an explanatory variable based on the information provided in the course materials and demonstrate that your theory “works” in all four cases. If you offer four different explanations for each of the four cases, you do not have a single but FOUR different theories. You should instead come up with a SINGLE THEORY that holds for all four cases.It goes without saying that there is more than one way of answering this question. There is no need to go into a discussion of developments in individual countries or in MENA as a whole. The emphasis should be on EXPLANATION rather than on description of what happened. You are welcome to draw from outside sources but are in no way obliged to. If you do draw from outside sources make sure you provide appropriate information about each source you use.I strongly discourage the use of direct quotes in your essays!Your essay will be evaluated according to the points breakdown indicated below.Content45 points – justification of the selection of an explanatory variables;45 points – proof that your theory holds in all four cases.Style5 points – spelling/grammar/readability5 points – overall organization

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[SOLVED] Arab Upspring
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