[SOLVED] Biology Quiz

1. A) Name which fossil fuel has the most environmental impacts from its extraction and use? B) Explain why that fuel has the most environmental impacts using two different reasons as examples.2. Explain what is meant by ‘non-renewable’ sources of energy and the consequences of being non-renewable. Be sure to explain what makes them non-renewable. 3. Explain the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. 4. A) Outline the process of commercial electricity production from a typical coal ‘steam plant’. Be sure to specifically identify each component used to generate electricity (starting with coal) and explicitly describe what it does during the process. B) Explain the process behind two different environmental problems arising from commercial electricity production from a typical coal-fired ‘steam plant’. 5. Explain why petroleum is such a valuable resource relative to modern daily life in developed countries by giving at least three reasons. 6. A) Outline the basic process of hydraulic fracturing. (What are the basic steps; in order) B) Explain how two environmental problems develop from ‘fracking’.  7. Explain why it is dangerous to base our modern food production on the use of fossil fuels. 8. Explain why most forms of energy humans use (i.e. fossil fuels) could be traced ultimately to the Sun.

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[SOLVED] Biology Quiz
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