[SOLVED] Cold Blood

Exact directions from assignment:In 4-6 pages (not including the Works Cited), identify what you believe to be ONE of Truman Capote’s main purposes in his book In Cold Blood and the strategies he uses to deliver this message.Consider arguing a controversial, defensible claim that Capote makes. That claim should go beyond the characters in the book. What is he saying about society or human nature? What is he saying about the American justice system? (he uses the characters in the book, the Clutters, Dick Hickock, and Perry Smith, to convey this message).Arguably, there are several purposes to his book: choose one and analyze the evidence and devices he includes in order to achieve that purpose. This is not a complete list, but consider focusing on the following devices: structure, selection of details, tone, pathos, ethos, logos, diction and syntax. Use the resources attached to his assignment for guidance.Remember: Do NOT evaluate Capote’s work by stating whether you believe he is “right” or “wrong” or whether he conveyed an idea “effectively” or “in a compelling or interesting way.” Your qualitative opinion of the book is irrelevant. The task is to analyze, not to evaluate. Identify an arguable or controversial claim that he makes in the book and provide evidence for that claim.Notes: Please do not change the structure of my thesis. The teacher wants the structure as is, but feel free to make any other changes to it as you see fit.

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[SOLVED] Cold Blood
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