[SOLVED] Courts and Sentencing

Answer the following question at least 2 paragraph each1. what are some implementations you think we can make to reduce racial bias when it comes to being detained pretrial?2. Do you think out bail system is unconstitutional? and that can we do to make it better?3. What is the function of a sentence is to you? Do you think that people sentences should be informed by their ability to be reformed in an effort to protect society or Do you think that sentencing should be harsh and as harsh as possible so that the person who committed a crime suffers in the same way as their victim did?4. Pick one of the cases I will provided and compare it to a contemporary case that you know of where a similar situation has happened. RE Davis (1630)RE Sweat (1640)RE Negro John Punch CaseRE Negro Emmanuel5. Thought on Determining sentencing and IN determining Sentencing. Do you think that a certain number of years or a certain fine is appropriate for a certain crime across the board or Do you think that the judiciary should have discretion? Why do you believe that? Do you believe that is the most fair and just way to sentence somebody for committing a crime?6. Whether there are racial disparities in sentencing?7. Are there significant difference between crack cocaine and powdered cocaine? If not, why do you believe Congress refuses to hold crack cocaine possession and powdered cocaine to the same standards when punishing a defendant? 8. Are punitive measure or medical treatment more effective in disrupting drug related crime?9. Answer the following question “Are we as society winning the war on drugs? Why or Why not?”Use material to support and other you may find online to defend your argument. Make sure to cite ( 300- 400 words)

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[SOLVED] Courts and Sentencing
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