[SOLVED] Introduction to Animal Life

You will choose a non-domesticated species from any of the phyla we will be covering in class to write a five-page research paper. This paper will include the following information, and these guidelines can be considered a generalized rubric for how your paper will be evaluated. Provide at least five references.· A description of the animal’s natural niche. Include both abiotic and biotic factors. This includes habitat and required resources along with any other parameters required for survival. The best way to approach this part is to imagine that you are a zoologist working for a zoo and you are receiving a specimen. If this was your situation how would you replicate natural conditions for the animal’s prolonged survival?· What is the animal’s relationship within the ecosystem? Is it a keystone species? Predator or prey? What does the community within which it lives look like?· What is the state of the natural population? Is it endangered? Conversely, is it overpopulating its niche? Are there any conservation efforts that center upon natural populations?· What is the animal’s evolutionary history? Provide a description of its recent ancestors and describe how long this particular species has existed.· Describe the morphology and architecture of the animal.· Provide details regarding what makes this animal unique. What structures does this animal possess that others do not? What do these unique structures do for the animal in terms of function? Make sure to use as many relevant terms as necessary to describe the unique adaptations that this animal has.

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[SOLVED] Introduction to Animal Life
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