[SOLVED] Machiavelli “The Prince”

Machiavelli discusses the nature of “fortune” at a number of different junctures in his book The Prince. What does Machiavelli mean by “fortune” and how does fortune affect the activities of the prince? (Quote passages from different parts of the book to support your claim.) How do different types of princes (ordinary industry or extra-ordinary industry) react to fortune? Near the end of the book, Machiavelli gives a remarkable (and clearly sexist) take on how princes should treat fortune. Describe what Machiavelli means when he says that “fortune is a woman,” detailing all of the components of that analogy in the last paragraph in chapter 25. Conclude by assessing whether or not Machiavelli is right about the nature of fortune and the way in which princes should deal with fortune. Give reasoned arguments to support your claim.

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[SOLVED] Machiavelli “The Prince”
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