[SOLVED] Psychology of Women

Assignment: Please review chapters 6 & 7 and choose a minimum of (2) additional sources other than the textbook to use the topics below in a discussion that reflects past views on gender roles and stereotypes for women, compared to current views. You will research political views, legislation, school treatment of gender differences and corporate America as the backdrop for your view of whether or not sufficient progress has been made in acceptance of gender roles for women and fluidity or if there is more work to be done and if so, what is your recommendations for change?Question to answer: Has society accepted changes in gender roles for women, in our corporate, academic and political institutions?**Terms to include in discussion:1.Emerging adulthood2- Cisgender 3- Transgender 4. Gender &: a. politics of emotion, b. stereotypesc. socialization d. gender identityKindly BOLD these terms in your paper.Format:This is an opinion and research paper.Length of paper: 12 pt. double-spaced, 6 pages which includes a reference/citation page & cover pageThe textbook may be used as a referenceNewspaper articles are acceptable ** ASSIGNED VIDEOS ARE ACCEPTABLEMinimum of 2 sources in addition to the textbookCover page: Name, Title, Date, Class #Submit: Paper is to be uploaded on to Blackboard. Do a test-run prior to due date.Questions about assignment: I will post a discussion board just for the paper so that you may ask a question and classmates can see the answer which may cover their question.

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[SOLVED] Psychology of Women
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