[SOLVED] The Humanity

for explanations a minimum 30 word is required).On Egoism1. State Ethical Egoism’s position.2. What does it mean to say: “best interests”? Provide an example of you own life where you balance your interest vs. your best interest.3. Can the egoist actually do good to people? Explain.On Utilitarianism4. What is traditional utilitarianism? What’s the problem of happiness in utilitarianism?5. Explain how a RULE UTILITARIAN would respond to a TRADITIONAL UTILITARIAN in the case of Brandt Utilitarian Heir counterexample?on Divine Command Theory6. What is a religion? Explain.7. Why are religion symbols viable?8. What is the role of the shaman in early human societies?9. What’s the Divine Command Theory?10. What is faith? Why are faith and reason so different? Explain.11. Why is MLK’s religious message of faith so important? Explain.

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[SOLVED] The Humanity
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