[SOLVED] Veteran Entrepreneurship

Topic: The New Age of Entrepreneurship: Veteran EntrepreneurshipIntroductionI would like to talk about exactly what entrepreneurship is and why many people choose this as a career instead of a “conventional” job or career. I then would like to point out the positives and negatives of this type of work. After defining it I will then talk about why many veterans or ex-military personnel get into this line of work instead of coming back home from war and working at a local store or franchise because they want to be a part of something bigger.Thesis StatementMy thesis will be something along the lines of “Entrepreneurship is becoming a large part of our society and many Veterans no matter their situation or disability are getting more involved in the community and starting their own businesses.”BodyMain Point: Veteran community and Entrepreneurship pros and consIn this portion of the body I will talk about the community of veterans and how they become interested and involved with entrepreneurship. I will also touch base on the hardships and trials they face when trying to start up a business along with the things they may be easier for them and the organizations that help them to get started and become successful.Main Point: Physically Disabled VetsThis part of my essay will contain everything that has to do with physically disabled veterans and how they are able to still have a business of their own even though they may not be the ideal candidate for the job. Many people that are veterans feel like just because they have a physically disability they can be just as capable to do a job the same if not better than a physically able person, but they aren’t given the same opportunities.Main Point: Mentally Disabled VetsThis is the portion I feel I will have the most difficulty with because there isn’t a ton of information I can find so far so I may have to modify it a little, but I would also like to write a little like the above point, but just on mental disabilities instead of physical. This area is still a little gray and I hope to do some more research to find exactly what I’m looking for.Main Point: Veterans with no DisabilitieThis will most likely be the easiest portion for me to write about because there are so many things I could say. It is self-explanatory much like the two main points above it. This portion of the paper will be dedicated toward the veterans who are physically and mentally capable of anything much like the rest of us. I plan to write about how these veterans come back from wars or overseas and just what things they experience while getting together a home-grown business and making it successful.Main Point: Families of VeteransI recently decided to add this to my paper because I feel that it is a topic that is just as important as the rest. After completing some research, I have found that many families are also incorporated in the entrepreneurship lifestyle after their family members come home from the military. There are many programs that help not only the veterans themselves, but also the families and I found that to be quite interesting that they are also involved.ConclusionIn my conclusion I will wrap everything up and bring all my points together and just elaborate a little more why Veterans decide on this line of work and why it is successful and helpful to them. I plan to talk about entrepreneurship as a whole and why it is not only a good option for veterans, but also for anyone that is looking to join a field such as this one.24 page APA research paper with scholarly sources and in-text citationsLook at files for instructions.

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[SOLVED] Veteran Entrepreneurship
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