[SOLVED] American Creolization

The 10-page Analytical Research Paper is an attempt to prove or disprove something about a topic. In the class students will have learned how to critique a topic; and then how to theorize on a topic. Fusion of critique and theory moves one in a direction to analyze a topic.You always need three points for examination to reinforce Analytical research. Why???One point equates to a blank measure. You do not have anything else with which to analyze this one pointTwo points = argument based on an extreme—an either/or examination. Life is not based on an extreme(s), but on extremes balanced. You must pull from each extreme, do some adding and subtracting, and come up the middle to engage an argumentThe third point of view = what you need for analytical examination. The third point of view will agree or disagree with one or both of the other two points of view, or establish a position independent of the other two points.Actually writing the paper:First – you will engage one or more paragraphs in your own words about what you are attempting to prove or disprove, and why this is essential for researchSecond – you will engage one or more paragraphs in the words of the one or more authors who have written on the topic about which you are writingThird – you then will in one or more paragraphs take issue with pro (for) and/or con (against) the position(s) of the authorsQuotesFor quality analytical research, you must quote from primary sources, works by scholars who have written on the topic about which you are writing. A number of students do not pass their research paper because they refuse to engage primary sources and instead submit a dot.com paper. Hence they are quoting from someone’s web-page that they got off the NET.Dot.com.edu=someone’s paper from a university. No! No! No! no student researchDot.com.NPR=quoting from National Public Radio. No! N! No! no radio researchDot.com.Times- Picayune. No! No! No! no newspaper researchNewsweek, Time, Sports Illustrated. No! No! No! no drugstore researchDocumentation for your Research will be Chicago Style. Go online, call up Chicago Style or Chicago Style Documentation, and you will be presented information about how to properly cite quotes in your paperThe End Notes page is a listing of (how your quotes appear in your paper in numerical order, starting with the author’s first name first.The Bibliography page is a listing of your quotes in Alphabetical Order, starting with the author’s last name first.

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[SOLVED] American Creolization
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