[SOLVED] Coliac Disease

You must accurately describe the symptoms of the disorder, and the cellular and molecular causes of these symptoms. You are also expected to identify at least 2 primary research articles from the past 2 years on the disorder, and discuss the current state of the field. Articles can be found by searching PubMed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed). This term paper is rather open-ended and can cover almost a limitless amount of topics.Citation guide:This is how you site in the body of your paper:The first fossil record of a non-disputed turtle is Odontochelys semitestacea, at roughly 220 million years old, in the late Triassic, (Li, et al. 2008). The turtle lineage can be traced fairly well from the Triassic to the modern day species(Joyce, 2007, Gaffeney et al. 2011, and Joyce and Sterli, 2012). There are over 300 species alive today, divided into two main groups (Joyce, 2007). However, despite our understanding of the fossil history inside the clade, there is still a great debate as to the evolutionary position of turtles in the tree of life. Some studies say they are closely related to lizards (Lyson et al. 2012) others that they are more closely related to birds and crocodiles (Crawford et al. 2012), and still others place them outside of all other living reptiles (Lyson et al. 2010).This is what your bibliography would look likeCrawford, N. G., Faircloth, B. C., McCormack, J. E., Brumfield, R. T., Winker, K., & Glenn, T. C. (2012). More than 1000 ultraconserved elements provide evidence that turtles are the sister group of archosaurs. Biology letters, 8(5), 783-786.Gaffney, E. S., Meylan, P. A., Wood, R. C., Simons, E., & De Almeida Campos, D. (2011). Evolution of the side-necked turtles: the family Podocnemididae. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 1-237.Joyce, W. G. (2007). Phylogenetic relationships of Mesozoic turtles. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, 48(1), 3-102.Joyce, W. G., & Sterli, J. (2012). Congruence, non?homology, and the phylogeny of basal turtles. Acta Zoologica, 93(2), 149-159.Li, C., Wu, X. C., Rieppel, O., Wang, L. T., & Zhao, L. J. (2008). An ancestral turtle from the Late Triassic of southwestern China. Nature, 456(7221), 497-501.Lyson, T. R., Bever, G. S., Bhullar, B. A. S., Joyce, W. G., & Gauthier, J. A. (2010). Transitional fossils and the origin of turtles. Biology Letters, rsbl20100371.Lyson, T. R., Sperling, E. A., Heimberg, A. M., Gauthier, J. A., King, B. L., & Peterson, K. J. (2012). MicroRNAs support a turtle+ lizard clade. Biology letters, 8(1), 104-107.

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[SOLVED] Coliac Disease
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