[SOLVED] COVID Health Systems

COVID HEALTH SYSTEMS: Past, Present, and Future. (You may Google for the news and other governmental websites.) You must number your answers. Do NOT send an attachment. You must cut and paste your answers. Remember to use your own words. I do NOT want you to copy and paste from a source or else it will be considered plagiarism. Remember to use proper grammar and punctuations, and to spell check. I will take off points for more than 2 typos. Another note, remember to capitalize your “I” when referring to yourself. Write a total of 500-750 words or more.1. Explain why WHO (World Health Organization) believes the world is not ready for the COVID-19 “possible” pandemic. How should had the American Health Systems prepared for this pandemic? What are 3 guidelines you would recommend to Hospital CEOs for future pandemics of this scale?2. Given what we know so far, how do you think history will record the way we are handling COVID-19? Can the history of COVID-19 be rewritten? (Such as, how the federal/local government and health care system handled the pandemic, the public’s reactions to the cases in China and Italy before COVID-19 spread in the United States, the public’s reaction during the pandemic, the people’s hygiene, the prediction on how society will interact in the future.)

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[SOLVED] COVID Health Systems
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