[SOLVED] Cross Cultural Monsters

You will compose a 7-8 page, MLA formatted research essay that examines one monster in various cultures. The monster may have different names in different cultures, but it should be recognizable as the same creature (e.g. the ningyo in Japanese culture, Mama Dlo in Caribbean culture, and mermaid in European culture). You will need to examine at least three cultures (one Western, one Non-Western, one of your choice) and focus on their shared monsters. Please be sure to view the accompanying power point lecture on what is considered “western” and “non-western” for this paper.Be careful to present an argument about your choice rather than simply a description of it. This should move beyond a simple compare/contrast essay. You will have to research one monster form in various cultures in order to draw a larger conclusion about the cultures, humanity, or monsters.Some possible questions to consider as you formulate your argument:In this culture, is this being truly considered a monster? Why?Why does this particular monster appear in such different cultures?What does this monster tell me about its culture?What can I learn about humans in general based on their shared monster?Your Essay Should Include:7-8 pages (not including the works cited)A thesis statement that clearly states your argumentOnly 2 quotes/paraphrases per paragraph4-8 credible sourcesPrimary sources do not count toward this requirement (e.g. paintings or stories)Should be varied in nature and include both print and online sourcesScholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles and books are the most reliableFair and unbiased treatment of at least three different culturesMust include one Western cultureMust include one non-Western cultureWell supported reasons for your argumentAppropriate paragraphing, including use of clear topic sentences and transitions.A conclusion that provides closure to the essay and considers the implications of your argumentThe monster cannot be a “real” human, either specific (Hitler) or broad (dictators).MLA formattingObservance of the conventions of standard written EnglishNo first or second person!No contractions, slang, or abbreviations

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[SOLVED] Cross Cultural Monsters
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