[SOLVED] Environmental Ethics

Respond in complete sentences and short paragraphs.  Ambitious students  may do additional research for current events or issues to support responses. Copy/paste into a Word doc:What duties do humans have with respect to the environment, and why?What does “anthropocentrism” mean with regard to moral standing?  Give examples from your experience. Explain the “non-identity problem” and how it effects environmental ethics?  Is this problem embedded in a way of thinking that you experience?What are the limitations or issues with anthropocentric ethics? Differentiate between Singer’s and Regan’s arguments for animal rights. Do you think moral standing should be extended to animals? Defend your answer logically and ethically.Is consciousness, as far as we know it, an important criteria for ethics? Is being alive an important criteria? Examine and challenge assumptions when it comes to the question, how far should we extend moral standing?What is the difference between moral standing and moral significance? Offer your own examples.What would be the reason or basis for extending moral standing to holistic entities such as “the biotic community” or the “ecosystem”?Define “deep ecology.”  How does this concept or stance reflect Leopold’s argument? What are some of the criticisms of this movement?How does “social ecology” refocus the deep ecology position? What exactly is “ecofeminism”? The IEEE could use some updating on this subject:  See Women and Life on Earth.(Links to an external site.)How are environmental ethics and environmental or social justice connected, do you think?

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[SOLVED] Environmental Ethics
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